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Payment and delivery:

  The goods are shipped exclusively by SLOVAK PARCEL SERVICE s.r.o.

  If the order is submitted by 3 PM, the goods are delivered on the subsequent            business day within the Slovak Republic. If the shipping country is other than            Slovakia, both delivery time and price depend on the shipping distance.

Parcel shipping price €4:

  The parcel service will contact you on the delivery day, therefore a correct and            working telephone number needs to be provided, otherwise the package cannot        be handed over.

  Shipping prices for selected countries can be found HERE. For other shipping            methods (other countries), please contact us at

Mail order €0:

  Place a mail order and pay the price directly to the parcel service employee upon      delivery. The mail order itself is FREE OF CHARGE.

Bank transfer:

  As soon as your payment is credited to our account, your order is shipped. The          Variable Symbol in your payment is identical with your Order Number and used to      pair the payment with the Order.

  MALLUM bank account number (IBAN):

  Tatra Banka – Slovak account

  IBAN: SK68 1100 000000 294 703 9118

Card payment:

  Your order can be paid online using the secure GoPay payment gateway. Your            payment will be credited to our account right away.


  Your order can also be paid online using the PayPal payment gateway. After                selecting this option you will be redirected to the secure official                website where you can either transfer the payment through your PayPal account,      or use your Maestro, Visa, Master Card or other card.

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